Tuesday, October 5, 2010


First real commitment to beauty/skincare product for me would be SK-II. Started using them since mac 2009... I have mix and match depending on the suitability on my skin. I'm going to do personal review on each item i've tried....

1. Facial Treatment Essence (Miracle Water)
Overall Verdict
Price: 215ml --> RM449.00 (overly priced)
They just increased the price in April... before 215 ml --> RM419.00
Remember: Prices will increase annually in April. If you think u could afford it... By no means use it.
Packaging: Clear bottle/tube... you could see the content n when to buy a new one
Texture + smell : watery, dry quickly, bearable smell.
How to apply : Soak cotton pad about the size of 50 cents and dab all over face even eyes. If the pad is still moist... dab your neck as well.
wash face --> toner --> FTE --> Moisturizer --> sun block
Does it work??? Yes... But if you could get the same result using other product which are cheaper.... ditch it.
Yes I admit, miracle water does help me with oily skin and helps to improve my complexion. BUT it does not hinder acne... get acne-medication product to help u. I'll have some posting regarding this product later
Containing more than 90% Pitera®, this much loved miracle water is a must-have for healthy, radiant skin. It helps maintain the skin's natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition to allow skin nourishment. It also works to balance the skin's pH and sebum secretion, so oily and dry areas are properly moisturised.

The Seven Benefits of Pitera®
(1) Helps the Natural Functions of your SkinPitera® provides vitamins to your skin that helps maintain its natural function and health.
(2) Replenishes your Skin's Moisture Rich in amino acids and minerals, Pitera® increases moisture in skin and helps to prevent dryness.
(3) Smoothens your Skin's Surface TexturePitera® helps skin texture and smoothen the skin's surface.
(4) Helps Balance the pH of your Skin Pitera® helps adjust your skin's pH to a balanced state to keep it healthy and glowing.
(5) Helps make Skin Crystal Clear Pitera® helps make skin brighter, fairer, and more translucent giving you a youthful and luminous glow.
(6) Helps your Skin achieve a Good Balance of Sebum Pitera® helps makes your T-zone less shiny by balancing your skin's sebum secretion.
(7) Helps give your Skin an Even TonePitera® helps your skin shed off its dull outer surface layer, leading to increased evenness in your skin tone.

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