Friday, May 27, 2011

What's Keeping Me Occupied

I have a new hobby!!!! well it's not exactly new in my life but definitely my passion at the moment. I have done this few years back... then i moved to a new hobby but it's coming back to me now.....
It's beading uollsssss. Before this when i was in melaka i used to tempah at this one guy at my workplace. He's creative, beautifully design and CHEAP too.... Nowadays (in shah alam / selayang) i could not get the same craftmanship with good price.
I like some of the design on the internet (blogs/fotopages), but i wouldn't know where to start... So one of my friend held beading class. RM 20 for 2 hours inclusive of cloth, beads, labuci, drinks and light snack. You could choose whichever technique you like to learn... I was fascinated by sekebun bunga... One class i've attended.... And the result... whallaaaaaa...

Sekebun Bunga/ Shimmering Flora
Lingkaran Kasih (Left) and Daisy (Right)

Bintang (Looks like tapak sulaiman to me... hahahahahah)


Pardon me for the photo quality... I'm using the webcam at the office.

Moving on... Current project.... I'm doing pearl design on my baju kurung