Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Maxi Cotton

I'm planning to acquire 2 (3.5metres) of japanese cotton. Nak tempah buat maxi... Yesterday while I was in Tesco Damansara, I walked in to cottonzone. A shop which is actually selling all types of cotton fabric. Japanese, english, swiss, korean and many more country's name type of cotton and viscose. Pricewise reasonable... japanese/english cotton RM45 /metre. I wanted to grab 2 designs i loike... Unfortunately my hubby was in a hurry. So we left (only the owner was there, busy with customer and no sales assistant). I might be heading there again. (Itupun kalo x jumpa tempat lain).
I also found some info regarding cotton fabric care...
  1. Cotton fabric shrinks, it must be pre-washed before cutting/sewing
  2. Do not use bleach or stain removing chemicals. (Fabric softener may also affect the breathability of the cotton fabric by clogging the natural pores of the fabric).
  3. Handwash or machine-wash in cold or warm (not hot) water
  4. Wash coloured items separately
  5. Do not dry cotton garments in direct sunlight

No wonderla I pernah beli kaftan indon, pas basuh dia shrink... sah x basuh sebelum buat baju.

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