Monday, October 4, 2010

How it all started

I have skin problem. Start noticing pimples blosomming on my chubby cheeks when i was about 13. It was horrible, since then it's a neverending story. Coming from "jerawat batu" family, it's all hereditary. I was never bothered to find good reputable skincare product. I just used facial wash and day cream for more than 10 years. One fine day, i realised how i'm going present myself if i have zits plus all kawah bulan all over my face.

Early 2009, I set a new resolution.... i want beautiful and radiant skin. Notice that i never mention about being fair... I believed u are what u are.... It does not matter if you are fair or dark. Most important.... Nice complexion. So i started my journey... It was not easy uols.... what product will repair my skin??? hmmmm i noticed an article about SK-II. A scientist who works more than 10 years with SK-11 doing research. He is in his 50s yet his skin is flawless and young... I wanted that. SO i read about pitera... sound good. Should i try and experiment? I have training in KL... for a week. Grab the opportunity to meet with long lost friends. I've talked to KP about my dream to have better skin and mentioned about trying SK-II. Went to SK-II in mid valley and get the trial pack... cost about RM100++. Then i started to get rashes on my forehead. medium bump all over my forehead.

Gone back to SKII counter and asked about the rashes. I was told by SA that... sometimes skin can have readverse reaction for a while... it's a process of expelling the toxin from the skin.... HUH???? how long? I've asked. It depends on people... 2 weeks to 1 month... well ... mine took about 2 months to finally clear up.

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