Thursday, February 10, 2011

Looking Fabolous All Day

The secret of looking fresh, non-oily and your make-up stay all day long.....
Make sure your skin is hydrated and moisturize at all times...

If your skin is dry due to wheather, air-con etc... sebum will discrete oil which will result on the oily look n feel. Sure.. if you don't mind looking like you have just drip you face with cooking oil, that is fine... plase do not read further. STOP!!! I know there are few people out there do not want to slap moisturizer becoz they truly believed if you put on cream ur face will be oily.

I can only stressed out here, a good range skincare product they have different product by skin type and what is it for? such as brighten complexion, anti-wrinkle, blemish control and so on. Product sometimes come in cream or lotion mixture. Cream texture is for dry skin as it tends to be rich and lotion is a lighter version of it made for oily skin.

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