Thursday, November 18, 2010

Skincare Range

Semua produk kecantikan kat pasaran, bagusssss..... but few factors la kan kena timbang tara before we finally decide what to use, such as:
1. What is your goal? smooth clear skin, get rid of acne, putih gebu, even skin tone, smaller pores, wrinkle free....

2. Budget.. How much would you spend per month for beautycare? rm 50, rm 100, rm500???

3. How easy to purchase the product? Bersepah kat pharmacy? available only through stockist? web?

4. Skin advisor? is there skin advisor available to guide you through?

5. Ingredient... Content of your product... paraben free, no side effect... allergy???

and many more things need to be considered.

If you have skin problem, your first roadmap would of course be... stabilize your skin condition... Simple steps 1) cleanser 2)toner 3)moisturiser 4)sunblock(daytime)

1. Cleanse your skin
cleansing oil
cleansing gel
cleansing milk
facial wash
foam wash
facial scrub
there are so mary type of cleanser in the market.
If you do wear makeup (compact powder is also considered as make up). Please use cleansing oil or make up remover before facial wash... It's good uollsss. It will remove all residue.

Face scrub should be used 1-2 a week to really take out the dead skin. But careful, it could easily damage your skin texture.


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